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As I was approaching my 29th birthday, I hit a dark place in my life. I found myself questioning whether anything I'd done up to that point in my life was really of worth. I seemed to have a laundry list of broken promises I'd made to myself, and although life around me was what society considered "good," there was a profound emptiness within me. I felt extremely guilty for even feeling this way.

During this time, the weight piled on, I struggled to sleep at night and I always felt on edge as if something bad was always on the brink of happening. Going to work was definitely a chore & family/social functions drained me at my core.  It was a dark place, with an unwavering heaviness. I found myself constantly asking God to forgive me for my senseless dissatisfaction, but one dreary December morning, while a work a message of hope rested upon my heart. God revealed to me that I didn't need any more of his forgiveness, what I was lacking was self-forgiveness. It was in this moment, that I realized that the unrest within me was only a cry from the untapped gift I had inside. It was time to get out of the rabbit race of achievement and develop my gift to experience the joy that comes from fulfillment.

I made a conscious decision to forgive myself for the things I'd promised myself would be accomplished by the age of 30. I acknowledged the brokenness but stood in the truth that I still had complete and utter control over how I handled my life moving forward. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired of feeling stuck & empty, so I became Intentional about how to strategically plan my daily steps in order to optimize my progress towards my personal goals and dreams.

If you're like me and realized that years have passed you by and you haven't followed through on a lot of the things you promised yourself, but deep within you know this time is personal -Nothing and no one will get in your way-You're ready to walk into your bigger life...then, welcome home Sis. You now have an Intentional Mindset.

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