Deliberate and Directed 30-Day Journal/Planner

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Life gets away from you..quick. It's like one day you're about to graduate high school with endless hopes  & dreams. And then it seems like only mere months pass by and you're on the brink of being 30 or 40+ years old with lots of abandoned dreams, and a desensitized outlook on making them a reality. You feel like life has happened to you, rather than you being in charge & you're not even sure how you got here. Sis, as long as there is breath in your body, the time is right to reignite the fire in your life. This 2-n-1 journal/planner is designed for you, the busy woman. The busy woman who has given so much of herself to everyone else, she needs guidance on how to put the pieces of her own identity back together. Find your center, Develop a sense of direction for your life, and reactivate your inner ambition to get back to your dreams.